10 Reasons To Attend Electric Vines New Years Eve Festival

31 December presents all sorts of fun options across South Africa for people wishing to ring in an amazing new year. But of all the options, Electric Vines has got to be one of the best. They published a list of 10 reasons to attend this epic two day festival taking place at the magnificent Wildekrans Wine Estate, just 90kms from Cape Town.

Check it out below, and grab your tickets here


  1. All the world’s a music stage.

If you love South African music, we’ve got a beat for your feet. We’ve curated a diverse spectrum of sounds for your listening pleasure. We’ve got rock, pop, house, funk, Latino, soul, acoustic, electronica, synth, and some super weird dj’s. If your musical ear loves all of this and more, then you’re in for a treat! Check out our bill of entertainment here.

  1. Put the car keys away.

Don’t worry about drinking and driving or nominating a Designated Dave in the dark hours of the morning. You can party and get FRESH in those vines until the cows come home, or at least, until the music stops at the end of the day on 1 January 2016. Electric Vines supports responsible driving.


  1. Leave the tent poles at home.

And the blow-up mattress. If you’re a less fuss, more fun kinda festivalgoer, we’ve got your accommodation sorted. Sometimes the back of the car will do, sometimes you need a crib of your own, with a deck and a sun-chair. If it all sounds a bit too fabulous, that’s because it is. And you deserve it. Check out your accommodation options here.

  1. Escape from the city.

Head out of town and skip the mayhem of traffic jams on New Years Eve. The last thing you want is to be staring at a GP number plate in the final hours of 2015. We say, leave it all behind; swap the congestion for contentment in the vines!

  1. Festival fashion is popping up on location!

Don’t worry about shopping for bikini’s, cut-off shorts, vests and flower crowns before you head for the hills… We’ve got you covered with a Cotton On pop-up store, brimming with Summer gear and accessories to add colour and whimsy to your festival wardrobe.


  1. Splash out on the water.

If you’re inclined to a little bit aqua-dancing, we’ve got the water mass down pat; indulge your doggy paddle skills in the dam alongside the Mainstay Beach Bar or ramp up your poolside sun points at the VIP pool. A dip is as good as any for a reset or a rinse-repeat. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

  1. No beer drop gets left behind.

If you’re into beer and anything that makes a cold beer go down in the heat, you’ll be in good hands with us: We’ve got a first-festival dibs on the Bottom’s Up beer-pouring system which will deliver perfectly poured head every time. Yes, that’s right. Ice-cold CBC Craft Beer all festival-long.

  1. A clink for the winemakers.

If you like a bit of wine with your live music-action, well, the location is playing your game to perfection; Wildekrans is an award winning wine producer and their range of deliciously-peaked graped will be available all festival-long. We’ll toast to that!


  1. Shower hour brings the heat.

If you like to rock out right up front at the main stage all day – the sweat you’re wearing may not be yours. We believe in your right to wash off the fun and frolics of a sizzling day with a hot shower. All festival guests can start anew each morning with clean ablutions, because we’re also any-time huggers at heart.

  1. Double the fun times!

You basically get TWO New Years Eve’s for the price of one – because let’s be honest, you need one night to see out the old and one night to ring in the new. 30 and 31 December will allow you to do it properly, twice, just in case! Don’t have tickets yet? It’s time to hook it up! The party starts over here.

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