#FilltheField – It’s Grassy Spark & The Rudimentals Live At Kirstenbosch

‘As a collective we want to do something big. As a collective we want to change lives’
Sunday 26 March sees Grassy Spark and The Rudimentals take to the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts stage with their radio hits and infectious energy, to produce one of the biggest collaborations Kirstenbosch will ever see. The two bands are excited to collaborate in a musical performance and production design to bring Cape Town massive a show they won’t want to miss.
By taking inspiration from their two hit singles ‘Here I Am’ and ‘We Are One’, the artists have committed to taking the impact of this show beyond the garden of Kirstenbosch and into the lives of those who cannot afford life’s most basic necessities.
The theme for the show is ‘Here I Am. We Are One #FilltheField’. Where ‘Here I Am’ sees Grassy Spark promoting a message that speaks about overcoming adversity to achieve one’s dreams, and ‘We Are One’ sees The Rudimentals promoting a message of oneness and togetherness in overcoming adversity in society. The two songs are married under the mission to fill the hearts and minds of children in underprivileged communities with happiness, willingness, and inspiration to push through the struggle and achieve their dreams.
The idea of things always being better when they are full is what inspired the idea #FilltheField. With the help of their sponsors Grassy Spark and The Rudimentals have committed to donating R5 for every ticket sold if they sell out their first collaborative Kirstenbosch production. The idea is to call upon families, fans, friends, and the general Cape Town public to not only come and enjoy the show, but to create a positive impact on the lives of those who wouldn’t usually be able to attend such a show.
If the show sells out, the lump sum will be distributed to three respective charities namely; Waves for Change #SurfTherapy programme, Homes to Grow St. Francis Trust, and Zenzeleni Waldorf Khayelitsha. 
Josh from Grassy Spark comments – “Too often do we as the middle and upper class hear about the poor quality of life children from underprivileged and violent communities experience on the daily. We hear stories of intense violence and poverty in these communities and our response is ‘shame’. Seldom do we truly empathise and mobilise the way we should when we hear stories of the horrors our fellow South Africans experience. Although we cannot live their experiences per se, the fact of the matter is, we cannot expect our society to change if the generation who are expected to lead us don’t have the basic necessities to live a decent quality of life and achieve their dreams. The only way forward is through togetherness and collaboration. This is what #FilltheField is about, this is what Grassy and Rudies aim to achieve”
The artists will have donation bins set up around the venue for spectators to contribute by donating any unused children’s clothes, books, toys, instruments, wetsuits, and surfboards that can be distributed among the charities.
The idea is based on challenging people to make a difference by simply having a good time. Grassy Spark and The Rudimentals call upon Capetonians from all demographics to spread the message of #FilltheField. They are calling upon friends, family, influencers, brands, and any collaborators who would like to contribute to something that will uplift the community. 
Grassy Spark’s Josh Riley adds – “Where we are positioned in society gives us 3 emotional choices; sympathy, empathy, and apathy. In my opinion sympathy doesn’t cut it, and in the case of what we are trying to can be equated to apathy. Empathy on the other hand is only true when positive action is the outcome in a negative circumstance. For to truly empathise with the position of those affected by poverty is to take action in helping them better their situation. This initiative is how Grassy Spark and The Rudimentals aim to bring their power and responsibility into the world in a positive way”
Grassy Spark and The Rudimentals will be collaborating live on the hits ‘Feel it’, ‘Mona Lisa’, and more. It’s set to go down as one of the biggest shows of 2017 in Cape Town’s most beautiful setting.
Grassy Spark & The Rudimentals
Sunday 26 March 2017 – Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town
Gates to the concert area open at 16h00 
Please note that our concert tickets are ONLY sold online through www.webtickets.co.za

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