A Quick Catchup With Trevor Rebello

We are so pumped to have Trevor Rebello supporting Gangs of Ballet this Monday night at Montecasino! We thought we’d have a quick catchup with Trev to see what we can expect from his set.

Trevor, you go by your own name, but you usually perform as a band, right?

Yes I perform with a full band including drums, bass, keys and more guitars. I also perform acoustic/unplugged shows either by myself or more often with Rob Davidson alongside on keys. I’m one of those singer-songwriters who like to have a full, natural band sound on records. The only way I can re-create the sound live is to have the full band. I do however enjoy the intimacy of stripped down shows.

Tell us a bit of the journey that has led you to this point as a performer

I’ve always been a bit of an entertainer. Growing up, I started singing and acting in musical theatre. I was your typical “Glee kid” in school! When I got older, I started a few bands with friends from school and did the usual dive bar circuit for a long time. I feel like I only really discovered my voice and my sound a few years ago when I lived in the UK. I only had an acoustic guitar so I really started to take interest in song progressions and melodies. When I returned home, I worked with Rob Davidson on finishing the songs and producing the Slow Horses EP. It really was a big shift in sound for me but I enjoyed the transition from playing straight up rock music to a more adult contemporary style.

How would you describe your musical style?

I would say that it’s alternative rock music fused with a lot of folk, country and soul. I like to write epic songs that have a very theatrical flavour to them!


Your EP is called ‘Slow Horses’ – how did you come up with that name?

It started off as “Bad Bets on Slow Horses” and then got shortened to “Slow Horses”.  I really liked the quote as it says a lot about life and my life in particular. Life is one big horserace and we often have to place money on certain “horses” or choices or people. You don’t really know if it’s going to work out or if you going to get a return but you do it anyway. In life there is always going to be more bad choices, mistakes and slow horses than fast horses… It really is a gamble…

We’re so stoked to have you join us at our show with Gangs of Ballet on 25 August! What can fans expect from your set that night?

We’re going to be doing a stripped down/acoustic version of the Slow Horses EP. I love this version of the set as it gives people the opportunity to hear the songs the way they were initially written – just a voice and a guitar or keyboard. I think that fans can expect a passionate and emotional performance where they can really understand the meaning of the songs and where they come from.

Lastly, in a round Tae Kwon Do between you and Brad Klynsmith, who would win?

I have no doubt that Brad would murder me in the first round. He is a big strapping gentleman whereas I am built more like Jackie Chan. I think however that I could take him in a bar fight. I fight dirty!








Book your tickets for this special acoustic show with Trevor and Gangs of Ballet now!

Date: Monday 25 August 2014

Time: Doors open at 7pm

Venue: Parkers Comedy Club, Montecasino 

Tickets: R120 from Ticibox 


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