Album Review: Welcome To Forever By The Sextons

Sebastian Ammon reviews The Sextons debut album, ‘Welcome to Forever’.


Do you remember when you were at your favourite theme park and you went on the much anticipated rollercoaster? It was thrilling at first, but after a while you knew all the loops and drops, and the thrilling ride became nothing more than just another ride. That’s how I felt about the Jo’burg-based three-piece band The Sextons debut album, ‘Welcome to Forever’.

Their album takes you on a genre-rollercoaster as it tastefully and seamlessly transitions between songs, and in no way feels disjointed or out of place. This is owed to Jamie-Lee Sexton (the lead singer) who plays a major role in holding the songs together with her soulful and sometimes husky voice. I do however feel that although each song is musically and vocally well crafted, the prominent reason for the album losing its thrill after a while is the lack of lyrical complexity.

In the track ‘Left My Baby’ it feels as though the chorus was merely re-written to form a part of the two verses which after a while becomes a little monotonous. Another example is from the song ‘Slim Cigarettes’ where the question ‘Is this your chance?’ is asked one too many times. With that being said, I often found myself singing along to the simple yet catchy choruses after hearing them only once. Some of my favourites include ‘Ohh la la’ a sexy jazz track featuring Devine MC, ‘Alive’ a rather raw sexual track and ‘Bunny’ for its gritty bass and catchy lyrics. Of course the album also includes the singles ‘Bee Bop’, ‘Inside’, as well as the Baywatch theme ‘I’m Always Here’.

‘Welcome to Forever’ is a great debut album and certainly a thrilling rollercoaster ride. The only let-down is the lack of lyrical ingenuity which lets the album feel a little dull after a while. However, the album does not fail to showcase Jamie-Lee Sexton’s undoubtable vocal talent.

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