Arcade Empire Celebrates 4th Birthday

Our local Pretorian, Sabastian Ammon (@seb_ammon) hung our at Arcade Empire’s birthday bash last weekend. Here’s what he thought, with pics by Henno Kruger…


11178280_787823657979455_687288765203316819_nThis past weekend Arcade Empire celebrated their fourth birthday the way any birthday should be; party hats, confetti, balloons, flickering lights and some (live) music. Oh, and possibly also let Francois van Coke launch his solo album.

As parties do, they progress throughout the day; starting out rather relaxed and ending in utter craziness. Arcade’s bash was most certainly no different.

The first band to get the musical vibes started on the acoustic stage was Float Parade, followed by 3 more glorious hours of acoustic entertainment by: Emile Swiegers, Jessie Presto and lastly Acoustic Groove Machine. While they were playing, braais were going and drinks were flowing thanks to Black Label, Red Heart Rum, Jagermeister and strategically placed bars – no one was running low.



After the acoustic sets had finished the DJ stage was sure to keep you entertained throughout the rest of the night.

However, it was now time to get the main stage going. Red Huxley were the first to grace the stage with their old-school rock presence. They did a great job in getting the crowd moving and most certainly set the pace for the rest of the evening. Equally as awesome were the New Academics, who gave hipsters a reason to move to their unique mixture of alternative Hip-Hop, Jazz fusion and punk rock.

When it was Francois van Coke‘s turn to take to the stage I spent most of my time trying to understand why he had brought a band with him. I am not saying I expected him to play an acoustic set, but I simply don’t see how this solo album is any different to his other projects; Van Coke Kartel and Fokofpolisiekar, other than the fact that it’s less heavy and that he might have thrown in a little bit of a piano sound at times. The fact that he played ‘Moregloed’ by Van Coke Kartel and ‘Skyn Heilig’ by Fokofpolisiekar didn’t help my confusion; maybe he was just performing a cover, but then again, he is the lead singer for both… Do you see my problem? Nonetheless, his performance was great, possibly also due to the full bottle of Jagermeister that he passed around.

The last band to take Arcade into the early hours of the morning and the highlight of the evening was The Narrow. They got the crowd moving to such an extent that a mosh-pit formed.

Overall, it was a successful event with some fantastic local talent at a great venue. Here’s to another successful year of Arcade!

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