Beatenberg Scoop Five Metro Music Awards Nominations

After dominating the airwaves with the two most played songs on radio in 2014 with Pluto (Remember You) and Rafael spending a combined 35 weeks as the most played songs on radio in the country, Beatenberg were honoured last night to receive five nominations at the Metro Music Awards in Joburg. The band was nominated for:


Song of The Year – Rafael

Best Hit Single  – Rafael

Best African Pop Album – The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg

Best Collaboration – Pluto (Remember You) with DJ Clock

Best Group

Big fans of DJ Clock’s work, Beatenberg jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with him and wrote and recorded the smash hit Pluto (Remember You) in just one day at his studio. Momentum for the song grew exponentially with it quickly breaking numerous records for radio play, including the most weeks as the most played song in Mediaguide’s radio tracking history.

Hot in the wake of the waves made my Pluto, Beatenberg followed up with their next single Rafael. Crafted around singer Matthew Field’s distinct voice, alluring harmonies and jazz-inspired hooks, mixed with band mates Ross Dorkin (bass) and Robin Brink’s (drums) solid continental inspired grooves, Rafael quickly caught up to Pluto, spending 16 weeks as the most played song on Mediaguide’s national charts, coming in second only to Pluto.

Beatenberg are at once locally rooted and global in their appeal and are redefining and distilling a contemporary ‘South African Sound’. They make music that transcends barriers of race, age and culture, being at the forefront of a growing body of artists and musicians in South Africa who are redefining what it means to make art in South Africa.

Beatenberg’s album The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg is out on Universal Music.

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