Catching Up With Jethro Tait

We caught up with Cape Town based singer/song-writer Jethro Tait on the release of his brand new single, ‘One For The Books’.

Jethro Tait by Oxana Nacu-10

Congrats on the release of ‘One For The Books’. How would you describe your sound?

Thank you so much. That’s always been a difficult question for me because whenever I write music I never really say, “Ok, this is my sound.” I don’t like the idea of boxing myself into one “sound” because I just want to write whatever I feel. I’m definitely routed in pop music but I enjoy adding elements of other genres as well. So I’ve been working on some tracks with urban influence, some with dance influence and some that are more acoustic based. I draw a lot of inspiration from artists like Ed Sheeran and Jon Bellion so I guess you could place my sound somewhere in the middle.

You’ve written for many of Universal’s artists in the past. What made you decide to release your own music?

I’ve always wanted to release my own music. I got into songwriting because I had the opportunity to do that before I had the opportunity to release music myself. I was also in Four at the time and the songs I was writing didn’t really suit what we were doing so I started submitting them for other artists. This is what I’ve always wanted to do so I’m grateful I can finally do it now.

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You’ve been involved in the music business since you were 13, including winning X-Factor with your boyband, ‘Four’. What was that experience like?

I started playing guitar and getting into music when I was 13 but I didn’t actually get into the industry until I was around 22. That’s when I started getting songs placed and around the time we won X-Factor. X-Factor was an incredible experience and we had so much fun. It’s definitely something that changed my life and gave me the boost I needed to get into the industry. 

Where do you see yourself fitting in the SA music industry now as a solo artist?

In the boyband we mostly sang covers so as a solo artist I’m working entirely on building myself up as an original artist. I’d like to fit in with the Majozi’s and the Matthew Mole’s of the industry but at the same time I hope to bring something of my own as well. I also have focus on the long term goal of fitting in internationally rather than just slotting into SA’s industry.

Can fans catch you live anywhere over the next few months?

There are a couple shows in the works. One that’s confirmed is the Coffee and Chocolate Expo at Monte Casino on 21 July. You can keep up to date with all upcoming live performances on my social media.

Instagram: jethrotaitmusic

Twitter: @JethroTaitMusic


Pictures: Oxana Nacu

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