Catching Up With aKING

aKING is one of the bands on the impressive lineup of local bands playing at Freedom Festival later this month. We caught up with Snake to find out what the bands been up to.

aKING Pic 4 - Courtesy of Andre Badenhorst

Congrats on your SAMA nomination this year for Best Rock Album! We like all the other nominees in this category too – Prime Circle, Reburn, Taxi Violence and Z&G . Do you take acknowledgments like these seriously, or is it just part of the job? (And will we see you at the SAMAs this weekend? We’re always looking for new people to join our famous drinking games at the Royal Baths!) 

We are very stoked to be nominated. It feels good when you get recognised for something you worked as hard on as we did with Morning After. Hennie and Andrew are going to the ceremony and they will definitely join your drinking game – drinking is one of our favourite past-time activities.

Let’s say Laudo went up against George from Taxi in a game of Twister. How do you think that would end?

Laudo would  put his back out. He’s had some troubles with his vertebrae before. So he’ll probably just watch George contort himself. Voyeuristic Twister is his game then.

You’ve been around for ages in the music scene. What do think the current state of the industry is?

There are some really good bands with international sounding albums around today. The standards have gone up considerably is the last 10 years. 

We’re stoked to see you on the Freedom Festival lineup. Where else can fans see you live in the next few months?

Keep an eye on our Facebook page (, our twitter ( and our instagram (@akingband) for upcomming shows.

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