Catching Up With Easy Freak

Easy Freak are a new electronic duo from Durban. We recently caught up them to find out more about what we can expect from them.

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Congrats on the upcoming release of your debut album! Being relatively new on the SA music scene, what have your impressions been on the industry?

Thank you! The South African music scene is so incredibly varied. It’s a real representation of our country’s diverse culture. There are some incredible artists coming up with a fresh new sound; guys like Kaien Cruz, Red Robyn, ByLwansta, Raheem Kemet, Tresor etc. We’re just so honoured to be a part of that scene, and we’re excited to see the progression of the SA music scene. 

How did the two of you meet, and what prompted the forming of the band?

The Durban music scene is pretty close-knit so everybody knows of each other. We were a part of an indie-rock band, but that was pretty short lived. Some of the members left to pursue other avenues, but we decided to give it shot. We both had a similar vision of the sound we wanted, and so EASY FREAK was formed.

You’ve had great response from radio and TV – what would you say is your favourite song on the album?

Jude: ‘Other Side’ is the one for me. I think it showcases a different side of songwriting and producing capabilities. Red Robyn and Jaedon Daniel also added such great energy to the track!

Dom: I’d say my favourite track is ‘Brother’. It’s a sentimental song about my relationship with my bro. It reminisces about our childhood and small town living, about skating and girls and how cool he is. Haha. I like it’s feel-good sound and how it makes you miss times gone by.

There’s a recurring theme of God on this album. What does God mean to you?

The topic of God and faith is something that’s common in this world. Our personal experience with that has been quite a journey. We always have questions and there are always times where we feel like we don’t know what going on in life (haha), but to us, God and His love for us is the only real constant. We think it’s cool that we get to share a bit of that with our fans.

What else can fans expect from the album?

Our fans can expect that signature EASY FREAK groove in this album! We love music that can make us dance so when we write a lot of music we keep that in mind; we want our fans to get down with us! We also show a bit more of our sensitive side with some slower, more gentle tracks. We hope that you guys dig it!

Where can fans catch you live over the next few months? 

We’re very excited to be playing at OPPIKOPPI this year! That’s definitely one to look forward to. We’ll also be making some trips to Joburg and CT over the next month or two to promote our album, so follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up date with us.

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