Catching Up With Fuzigish Ahead Of Mieliepop Festival

Undoubtably one of the highlights at this years Mieliepop Festival will be SA music legends, Fuzigish. We caught up the band to find out what they’re up to as they celebrate 20 years in the industry.


If we’re not mistaken, this year is your 20th anniversary. Congrats! What is your secret to longevity in the music industry?

JAY: 20 years! That is crazy when you hear it. Lucky I found these guys to play music with and we still enjoy playing and people still get crazy to Fuzi, and it all works out in some kinda symbiotic mad circle.

Rockwell: DIY OR DIE

Willy: You cannot plan these things, but it is cool that it worked out like this!

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the local music industry over the years?

TOM: The local music industry has really stepped up in recent years. Theres loads of amazing bands from folk to punk to death metal writing great songs, putting out albums independently, touring internationally and doing incredible music videos. The gap between the local scene and international bands is almost non existent and we’re in a place now that you can achieve anything if you work hard enough at it.

Rockwell: It’s become really tame

What can fans expect from your set at Mieliepop this year?

Rockwell: Nothing tame

JAY:  We keen to get a Popcorn machine on stage and just make tons and tons of popcorn and create a popcorn Tsunami.  We waiting for a Tsunami Making Permit, and they take ages. Hold thumbs.

Any other exciting projects on the cards for you guys this year?

TOM: We have been writing some new songs so you can expect new music, more epic shows and a few surprises we’ll keep up our sleeves for now.

JAY: We realise that it is all about the ‘art’ now so we working on a new conceptual installation called ‘beer funnel IV’ – it will be the worlds longest beer funnel and will flow from Jozi to Durban. You will need to wear a protective helmet if you are on the receiving end.


Jägermeister presents the Republic of Mieliepop 2017 

Date: 17 – 21 March 2017
Venue: Tolderia Resort, Mpumalanga
Price: R650
Tickets / Bookings:
Line-Up: Desmond & The Tutus, Majozi, Haezer, Bye Beneco, PHFat, Grassy Spark, Pop Art Live and Many More!
Facebook Event:

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