Catching Up With Gerald Clark Ahead Of Mieliepop

Gerald Clark forms part of the epic lineup at Mieliepop Festival taking place 17-21 March at Tolderia Resort, Mpumalanga. You can grab your tickets here.

We caught up with Gerald to find out what fans can expect:

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Having been working in the SA music scene for a number of years, what do you think the state of the industry is at the moment?

I feel very positive about it at the moment. Great artists are emerging and taking their talent to the world. Events are well organized and run by passion towards the music industry. I’ve been touring in Europe last year and from even though they’re infrastructure is very well developed and further than ours, here is still a very good life for the performing musician in SA.

What have been some of your highlights over the years?

Difficult question…being able to perform at all the best and most prestigious festivals in SA, Mozambique and Swaziland has been amazing as well as my tours in Europe. I really love traveling and performing.

What can fans expect from your set at Mieliepop this year?

I’m hitting the stage armed with my acoustic, Stompbox and old telkom telephone mic this year so expect some serious raw, soulful energy coming from the stage. I might get some guests on stage for one or two songs.

Pictures by: Vetman Photography and Design

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