Catching Up With Half n Half Ahead Of Mieliepop Festival

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The lineup at Mieliepop Festival this year is pretty epic. All the details plus our ticket giveaway is here. Half n Half will be dominating the decks, we caught up him to chat about the industry, and what we can expect from his set at the festival.

Rooftop DJ

Some people might not know that when you’re not behind the decks, you’re involved on the business side with some of SA’s most exciting bands. Which side of the industry do you prefer?

It’s both but in different ways. Educating and working in the local industry exposes me to genres and music I would be excluded from if I solely DJ’d, whilst DJing allows me to satisfy the inner funk, disco and hip hop  junkie in me. 

I’m super passionate about the local industry and am excited to see it grow and integrate into the wider global music market. Integrating bands, hip hop acts and classical acts and making sure that a diverse array people enjoy music and are not pigeon holed by their race and thus are assigned a certain genre is extremely important to me. 

When I DJ I play music I like and want to dance to. I am very selective about the music I play and curate my song selection as much as possible, while still remembering to play to the crowd and being aware that playing super niche music continuously kills the dace floor. 

Half n Half Blue

What do you think the state the local music industry is at the moment?

Like everything it is in flux. It’s seen better days but it has also seen worse. There is some amazing music being produced by the likes of bigger names (Desmond and the Tutus, Shortstraw, Felix LaBand etc,) as well as by some newer guys (Caroline Leisegang, Josh Kempen, Sutherland, Sol Gems, Go Barefoot, We Are Charlie, Maddy Behrens). 

I think by being smart and educating yourself in what markets are doing and figuring out how to stand out, be heard and make a name for yourself by being innovative, goes a long way. Perseverance and dedication to the craft is also key. But a key thing to remember is that it should also be fun and be part of a bigger story. 

The scene will grow if people allow it to and support it by not chasing the next big fad, by paying entrance to shows and not asking for guest lists spots and by creating a standard for a show. Productions and venues like Park Acoustics, Good Luck Bar, In the City, Oppikoppi, Boosh all have their unique way of ensuring that they allow for the highest level of production and make sure their patrons are taken care of and have a good time. Bands in the club scene should be doing the same.

What can fans expect from your set at Mieliepop this year?

Dance. Me dancing, you dancing, just plain simple boogie. 

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