Catching Up With Majozi

We catch up with Durban based singer Majozi on his recent double release.


Congrats on your new releases! This is your first release since Fire. Why did you decide to release these two songs?

Thank you so much. The two new songs are a bridge or introduction to my new style. The music itself is different, but the heart is still the same. It’s still me.

How you think your sound has changed since your debut album in 2016?

I’ve been having fun exploring different instruments, like synths, electric drums etc. Trying to push myself creatively, get out of my comfort zone, and find different ways of expressing myself through the majesty of song.

How has the music business been treating you, especially in your home town of Durban?

I’m blessed enough to make a decent living from music so I must say it has been great for me. I feel very lucky. It’s not always easy, but it’s so worth it. I get to travel the country and meet so many awesome people in and out of this industry. I don’t play in Durban that often, but they’ve always been very vocal in supoorting my journey.

Where can fans catch you live in the next few months? 

Check out my Facebook page and Insta at @majozimusic for my gig guide, and if you’d like me to play somewhere please drop me a DM!

Pictures: Tyler Walker

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