Catching Up With Monark

Today sees the release of a brand new album from local music sensation, Monark. We caught up with drummer Graeme Wuth to find out more about what fans can expect.

Monark_CD Cover

Congrats on the release of your new album. How do you think your sound has evolved since your hugely successful debut album?

Hey, thanks! We’ve tried to stay current with what’s happening in pop right now and write songs that will be relevant for the next year or two. And things are a little more edgy, a little darker and are drawing from hip hop and urban sounds. We’ve incorporated all this into the new album. And although we’ve still strived for a slick produced album, there is more space and a rawness to the new album that we like. 

Your debut album delivered an impressive six consecutive Top 10 singles. What is the secret to good songwriting? 

Eugene has a knack for writing a good hook. I don’t think we have the answers – it’s always difficult to know what is going to be popular. We were lucky with Negatives. But we have always aimed to be a band that makes pop music and is relevant with what is happening on radio. Also, we’ve always made the hook and melody the core of the song. All the production that goes on around that has to compliment the fundamental song.

Having been active in the local music scene for a number of years, what are your thoughts on the industry at the moment?

Like anywhere in the world, I think it’s a tough scene. That being said, there are always great artists making great music here in SA. The way music is consumed these days puts local musicians up against artists around the world. It’s a great opportunity, but also means we have to meet that standard to be noticed. And there are definitely local artists doing that.

Where can fans catch you live over the next few months?

We’ll be promoting our new album and playing our new songs at the Willowbrook Barnyard in Cape Town on 16 June, the Rockwood Theatre in Pretoria on 12 July, the Rivonia Barnyard on 4 August, plus a couple others shows around the country in between that. You can check our Facebook page, Monark Band, for updates.

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