Catching Up With New Academics

We recently caught up with Joe Penn from New Academics on the release of the bands third studio album.

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Congrats on your upcoming third studio album! What can fans expect from this album? Do you feel that your sound has evolved with you over the years?

Thanks so much, we are extremely excited (and relieved) to finally be able to wipe away all the placenta of the recording process and birth the screaming beast. We do feel that our sound has evolved since our last offering, we’ve all been busy with other projects that have ‘matured’ us in different directions. That said, it does still undeniably sound like New Academics, there’s no escaping that eventuality, for better or for worse.

Having been in the industry for a number of years, what do you think the state of the SA music scene is at the moment?

I think it is healthier in many ways than it has ever been. There are definitely a greater number of large shows, both festivals and mini-festivals, as well as better opportunities for performing with international acts. Although there aren’t a lot of clubs in operation, there are generally good venues that can offer a lot to the performer. But, at the end of the day, the more popular your band is, then the more that the scene can offer you. So it’s a function of popular success.

Growler Front Album Cover

Who are some of your favourite local artists?

Desmond and the Tutus, Beatenberg, Taxi Violence, Savage Lucy, Man as Machine, Shortstraw, Black Cat Bones, Made for Broadway, Your Name in Neon, Rudimentals, 7th Son, Dead Alphabet, Lunatic Wolf, Satanic Dagga Orgy, and many more…

Where can fans catch you live next?

We will be performing at Mieliepop Festival in Mpumalanga over the weekend 18-20 March. Following upon that, we’ll be launching our album at Arcade Empire on 6 May and Good Luck Bar on 23 of April. See our various social media for updated show details.

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