Catching Up With The Graeme Watkins Project

We caught up with GWP on the release of their new single.

GWP in color

You guys know we’re massive fans, and are so stoke about the new single! How long has it been in the works for?

Thanks guys! The song has been in the pipeline for a good six months. The longest process was the mixing and mastering, which was done in the USA, I think they were sick of us by the end, as we kept on pushing them until we were 100% satisfied. Even when we went live with the song, we were waiting on the final final final mix.

We hadn’t heard from GWP for a while… had you gone your separate ways and this is a come-back, or were you just on a break?

Nope, there wasn’t a decided break up or break, we just had life pulling us in certain directions, throughout the process we were still writing and jamming together, but didn’t want to go live with something until we were 100% happy with what we were putting out.

Does this mean fans can expect a new album?

We have actively decided to remove the album pressure from our lives. We are going to be releasing single by single, to eventually make up an EP and then an album. Music has changed and moves so fast nowadays. We don’t want to smash out a few good songs and a bunch of album fillers, we want to carefully craft each song to our current vibe and feeling. We want our audience to grow with us creatively and be part of the journey, and not has something that only works for a few minutes. 

Having been onboard the SA music industry roller-coaster for quite a while now, what are your thoughts on the scene?

What a time to be alive! Music globally changes in an instant, and with social media, the drive for instant gratification is so prevalent. That’s why we don’t want to commit to one album, as in a few seconds it will be dated. Everyday we hear new music that blows our mind (especially locally), and our writing process is very dependant on what we are listening to at the time. Thats why we are taking the journey approach, to evolve as our creativity evolves with all these new influences.

We are so stoked there is a drive to support local music, and as a result we find ourselves being challenged and inspired everyday.

Any live shows planned?

Ya, keep an eye out for social media for spring tour announcements.

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