Catching Up With The Plastics

On the release of The Plastics third studio album, we caught up with bassist Karl Rohloff to find out more.

Congrats on the release of your third studio album! What can fans expect from this one?

Thanks!  It’s been in the works since Emile joined the band in mid-2013 so it’s been a long time coming.  We gave ourselves plenty of time though and are extremely happy with the result.  The tempos of the songs are a bit more measured, and we’ve focused on them grooving and swinging a bit more this time.  There’s also plenty of different instrumentation and production, especially since we used synths quite a bit on the album.


You celebrated the release with three shows in the UK recently. How did it go? What are the major differences you noticed between their music industry and ours?

It was great being back in the UK, and all three shows were cool in their own ways. The industries are incomparable really, with London being the entertainment hub of the world really. The venues are all run really well and are well supported, so they’re old hands in getting great sound especially.

Colabs seem to be a thing at the moment. Who would your dream colab be with?

We’d love to colab more on the producer side, with guys like Dave Friedman, Kevin Parker or Danger Mouse.  It would be great to work with Gordon Raphael again as well.

Who, in your opinion, is the most exciting artist or band in SA right now?

We were on a compilation recently for Psych Night called Into the Sound with various bands from the psych scene which I think has a lot of potential – bands like Sol Gems, Caves, The Psalms, Mindpool, Gumbo YaYa’s, etc.

Where can fans catch you over the holidays?

We’re playing Synergy on 28 November, Malkop Fest on the West Coast on 4 December, Cape Farmhouse in Noordhoek on 5 December, and a couple more TBC which we will announce via our social media channels.

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