Catching Up With The Voice SA’s Gavin Edwards

We recently caught up with Gavin Edwards to chat about life after The Voice and his brand new album.


Gavin, a year ago you were in the auditioning process for The Voice, and ended up as the runner up. What has the journey been like for you since then?

Can you believe its been a year already… Yoh… Since then it has been one amazing and exciting year. I sang the Irish call at the Springboks vs Ireland rugby and our National Anthem at the Springboks vs All Blacks Game, Universal Records then signed me and I recorded my album ‘Silver Skies’ and released it this month. I got a band together and started touring around SA. I was invited to be a part of Gospel Skouspel as well which has just been released on CD and DVD last month. Released  Sparks as my single and it went to No. 1 which was insane. My son Cody was born which has to be the best day of my life besides my wedding. And now I’m on the road with my OppiePad tour with my guitar and boot full of albums driving all over SA to sell my albums to anyone that would like to buy one and my goal is to get my album platinum. Its been one amazing year, so many blessings I cant still believe it.

You’ve had quite a history in the music business, including being signed to Brian McFadden’s label in Ireland. Tell us a bit about your journey in the industry. 

Wow it has been a journey. From when my band got signed by Brian we had a Top 20 single in Ireland and opened for Incubus in The Point Depot  played at O2 in the Park to a crowd of over 100 000 people, got to meet Bono to Tom Jones and have dinner with Russel Crowe. We got to see the world from Ireland to London to LA to Nashville to New York and Australia… And while out in the world trying to find that big break I never thought it would come right from my home country SA. All along it was all waiting for me back home.

What are your thoughts on the South African music industry at the moment?

The SA music scene is bursting with talent and production from studio to video is at an amazing high standard. We are now at the level of international artist and production. The only thing that differs would be their budget size… but what we might lack in budget we make up for in talent. Yip I said it! 

Congrats on the release of your album, ‘Silver Skies’. What can fans expect from this album?

Thank you very much. They can expect an album with up beat songs and a few ballads from ‘Say Something’ which features Karlien van Jaarsveld and another ballad called ‘Riot’. And my take on ‘The Climb’ from Miley Cyrus.

Where can we see you live over the holiday period?

I will be playing all over SA to find out about my gigs people can go to to find out more deets.

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