Catching Up With TiMO ODV

On the release of his debut EP ‘Origins’ we caught up with TiMO ODV to find out more.


Congrats on the release of ‘Origins’. What can fans expect from this project?

Bass, Bass and some more bass.

You’ve had massive success with your previous singles. What is it about your music that you think appeals so well to people?

I think its the combination of catchy vocals and big basslines that makes people dance. There is nothing nicer than dancing and singing along.

What do you think the state of EDM in South Africa is right now?

I am very proud of it, especially in my scene we are starting to push our own sound more than just copy-catting internationals (I’m talking mainly about South African bass house).

What can fans expect from you for the rest of 2016?

Just gigs and shows and hopefully they listen to the EP on repeat until I make another one!


ORIGINS iTunes Track Listing:

  1. Dancing Again
  2. Find My Way (Extended Edit)
  3. Make You Love Me (feat. Ryki)(Radio Edit)
  4. I Need You (Extended Edit)
  5. On the Low
  6. Show Them
  7. The Beginning of Us
  8. I Need You (Luvbug Remix) (Extended Mix)
  9. I Need You (Softmore Remix)
  10. Make You Love Me (feat. Ryki) (Extended Mix)

Buy ORIGINS on iTunes HERE!

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