Catching Up With RYKI

We recently caught up with RYKI on the release of her new EP.


Congrats on the release of your new EP released this month. What can fans expect from this EP?

Every song sounds different, but my vocals tie it all together to sound like ‘Ryki’. I don’t think I will ever stick to a sound but I will most definitely always keep the tone in my voice and the way I write music. It’s a little piece of every phase so far in my journey and the process of finding my sound and growing as a song writer.

‘Throw You Down’ is the lead single on this EP. How did that single come about?

Bubele and David played the track they prepared for our studio session and I felt this dark atmosphere and linked it to a phrase I wrote a few months before. I wanted to move away from the typical subjects about love that I always write about. It’s about people using you in a relationship.

What are your thoughts on the SA music scene at the moment?

I like the direction its heading towards. Everyone is starting to find inspiration within themselves and not comparing to themselves to others. Its starting to sound real and honest. 

What else can fans expect from you this year?

We’ll see what doors God will open when the time comes. But they can definitely expect more live performances!

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