Chatting To Chris Van Der Walt Ahead Of The Led Zeppelin Tribute Show * WIN TICKETS *

On Sunday 5 November The Good Luck Bar will be hosting a Led Zeppelin tribute show with some of SA’s best musicians. 

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Date: Sunday, 5 November 2017

Time: 18h00

Venue: The Good Luck Bar, 1 Fox Street, Ferreirastown, Johannesburg

Price: R80 Pre-Sold | R100 Door

Bookings: Tixsa

Facebook Event:

“Music is for every single person that walks the planet.” – Robert Plant.

Robert Plant is rumoured to sometimes sing notes only dogs can hear, while Jimmy Page’s shredding skills have inspired generations to pick up an axe and start practicing. Who better to pull off the ultimate tribute show to LED ZEPPELIN than an all star line-up at The Good Luck Bar this November, featuring some of SA’s biggest Rock ’n Roll legends!

Join them as they pay tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time. For one night only, some of SA’s finest will be adding their take to your Led Zeppelin favourites.

Initiated by Jason Oosthuizen (Punk ’n Roll, Lost & Found, Van Coke Kartel), it has always bee his dream to do a tribute to this legendary band. Growing up with a dad who played in rock bands, ZEPPELIN was always a favourite for him. He has always been hesitant doing a tribute due to it being one of the hardest bands to pull off musically and vocally.

After months of throwing ideas around, he called up his desired line-up who were all up for the challenge in a second. Now, on 5 November – fans can see the ultimate line-up pay tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time!


“Led Zeppelin is one of the main reasons I play the way I do today, so paying tribute to them was my ultimate goal, combined with people who feel the same way. I feel we 100% the perfect line-up to pay this iconic band justice.” – JASON.


“Led Zeppelin is one of the very few bands that’s stood the test of time. Their music, their recordings and their performances have influenced so many rock bands. Paying tribute to them was a no-brainer for me. They played a huge role in my development as a musician so getting completely immersed in their world is a dream come true. It is an honour, and a seriously daunting challenge to even attempt to emulate Robert Plant’s vocals.” – CITO.


“Led Zeppelin were musical geniuses way ahead of their time. It’s a serious honour to be part of this event, the musicians in this band are insanely talented.” – NEIL.


“Led Zeppelin is one of the most important bands in my life. To be able to pay tribute to them is an absolute honour. One night Jason and I saw Cito singing ‘Rock ’n Roll’; we looked at each other and decided it was time to do a tribute. The other members in the band also make it very appealing. I just know it’s going to be an incredible show.” – CHRIS.


“It’s a huge honour to do this show; I’ve wanted to be a part of a proper rock tribute show for Led Zeppelin for quite a while now and to pull it off with the incredible line-up of musicians in this band is just so awesome. I’ve always been a big fan of the band and that era of rock ’n roll music in general and I get to play their music live, on stage – I mean who wouldn’t want to do that?” – WERNER.

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We chatted to Chris Van Der Walt from Black Cat Bones who will be playing bass at this show.

Claudine van der Walt

You’re playing bass for the Led Zeppelin tribute show. What made you decide to be part of it?

I started playing bass 10 years ago and the first case study that I attempted was John Paul Jones and his playing in Led Zeppelin. I’ve learned so much about music through learning their tunes. Jason and I always wanted to do a tribute, and when we saw Cito singing a Zep tune one night, we just knew that it was time to put this together.

Which other artists inspired you in your music career? 

As a bass player there are quite a couple of players that are inspiring, but I didn’t check out their work in detail. The main guys will have to be John Paul Jones, Rex Brown, Billy Cox, Jaco Pastorius, and a lot of local players who are killing it… Guys like Lanie van der Walt, Clint Falconer, Schalk Joubert, Casey Rothman, Ariel Zamonsky, Carlo Mombelli, Franco Schoeman, etc. 

What do you think the state of the local music is at the moment?

I think we have an incredible amount of talent in SA. Most of our players can outplay and out-rock anyone. We are just in the ass-end of the globe, and a lot of factors are killing musicians and artists. The number of live venues are steadily declining, and the venues who are fighting the good fight are having a real hard time financially. We need more sponsorship behind our bands, artists, venues and events. Government, Corporate, Private, etc. People also don’t want to go out anymore: it’s dangerous, roadblocks, Netflix n chill, etc. So we really have to convince people to get up off their sofas. I guess it’s a good thing, because it forces you to do bigger events/shows with themes and ideas. Nobody wants to see a band who looks like they’re practicing in a rehearsal room. The want a concert.

Where else can fans catch you this year?

I will be gigging most weekends with The Black Cat Bones. Boargazm is doing a tour with a Swedish band Prescription Death in the first 2 weeks of November all across South Africa. After that The Black Cat Bones will be on tour for the last 3 weeks of December in and around Cape Town. There will be a couple of treats that will be released from all my projects in the next month.

Picture by Claudine van der Walt

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