Dominic Neill On Idols, The Industry & His Debut Album

Dominic Neill recently released his debut album, ‘Out Of My League’. We caught with him to find out more.

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Congrats on the release of your debut album! You’ve got many fans who’ve been waiting a long time for this! What can they expect from the album?

Thank you! The album is unapologetically me and just a really honest portrayal of where I am at as an artist in my life at the moment. I’m so proud of this and hopefully it’s just another step in the right direction. 

Where does the title ‘Out Of My League’ come from?

‘Out Of My League’ is the title track’s name of the album and I just really liked the humility in the title. I’ve had quite a sudden rise in the music industry for someone who has worked in various other capacities in the industry for a while, so one would forgive me for thinking I’m out of my league, even though I like to think ‘I got this.’

You first stepped into the public eye during your time on Idols. What do you think the Idols experience did (or didn’t) do for your career?

Idols was a good foot in the door and an incredible learning process. I learnt about myself, I learnt about the industry and the most important thing I learnt was that I have what it takes, but back then I just wasn’t ready yet. So it was about setting myself up to make sure I’m ready when I get my chance again and that’s the value Idols gave me, perspective. 

In a sector as saturated at the commercial pop market, how do you as an artist make yourself stand out?

I think the market can be described as saturated from an international point of view, but locally I feel there is definitely room for me to be able to make a very strong pop product and do well. The only issue is that it means I sometimes end up ‘competing’ against the massive international acts which can be a serious challenge. I am lucky that some way, some how I was born with a very distinct tone and I think that helps set me apart. Getting to the top of any industry is a serious challenge but also a privilege though so I’m just trying my best to keep my head down and keep working hard.

Where can fans catch you live in the next couple of months?

A couple things planned but nothing set in stone just yet. For any news on shows etc, check out all my social media and I keep everyone updated there.

Pictures by Canton Parker

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