Chatting To Gangs Of Ballet On The Release Of Form & Function Part 2

We recently chatted to frontman of Gangs of Ballet, Brad Klynsmith on the release of Form & Function Part 2.


Hey Brad. It’s been so good having you in Joburg lately! What other fun stuff have you been up to?

Thanks, Joburg has been very good to us. I’m currently writing this in the studio as we start filming the music video for the our first single off Part 2 called SOMETHING. 

We’re excited for Form & Function Part 2! What has the process been like getting this EP ready?

In a word…. LONG! You have some projects that sometimes just go like that. Crazy things like our mix engineer in London getting sick and losing his hearing in his right ear for three weeks. But it’s done and we’re really proud of it.

What do you think are some of the most exciting things happening in the local music scene right now?

Well it’s out of our scene but loving the urban stuff that’s coming out and been so impressed with their live production as well. Some of the local hip hop guys are HOT!

What else is on the cards for Gangs for the rest of the year?

We’re all about pushing this new EP and getting around SA with a new live set.

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