Chatting To Josh Wantie

Josh Wantie released his debut single this week. We chatted to him to find out more.

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Congrats on the release of the first single off your upcoming EP! What can we expect from the EP when it comes out next year?

Thank you! I’ve been blown away by the response. You can expect a slightly new and different sounding EP that should have something for everybody. We going to work hard on creating a new and interesting sound in SA that hopefully people really enjoy.

The Klynsmith brothers from Gangs of Ballet were in involved in the recording of the EP. How did that relationship come about?

I have known the boys for quite a while and always been a fan of their work, so when my label manager Rob suggested that they get involved I was super keen. They all met behind my back (in a good way haha) and made the plans for recording.  

Having spent some time in the local music industry, what are your thoughts on the scene?


Now that I have spent some time in the local industry I think there are some things I love and some things I hope I can be part of changing. The press/radios/influential people all seem really accepting and are really trying to build the scene, but some of the artists do stuff that breaks it down, I hope I can be part of building it up.  

There’s been a surge of great talent coming out of Durban over the past few years. What’s going on down there?

We joke in Durban about this all the time. Majozi and I were joking around the one day and said we should be called the ‘East Coast Cartel.’ There have been great bands from Durban in the past but I think the recent success of Durban artist all followed Gangs of Ballet. They really paved the way forward for Durban artists, showing them that it can be done. They are one of those bands that like sort of pull you along with with them when in comes to success. 

Where can fans catch you live over the holidays?

Being in studio and releasing the single has made me focus less on live shows so there isn’t a crazy amount but we will hopefully nail down some dates very soon, people can keen an eye on my social media for this.

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