Chatting To Kwini Kuza

Kwini Kuza are a Duban based band consisting of teenage prodigies aged 13 and 14 from Durban and Stanger.

We recently caught up with the band to hear more of their story and what their plans are in the music industry.

Kwini Kuza - Credit Hart Media

Congrats on the release of your new music video for Speed of Light. What was it like working with Marc JB on the song?

Entle: It feels great that someone like Marc JB would want to work with us. He has worked with international legends and we are so young but our manager knows him and he was very impressed when he saw the videos on YouTube of us playing live. So we were very lucky and we are very happy how the song turned out!

You guys are still young – how did your band come about? 

Lasandra: Our manager and our drummer’s dad had put together a band of some amazing young musicians here in Durban – Saiyan Naidoo, Sabian Singh, Neo Mooi and my two girls, Entle and Sipokazi. They saw me performing at Durban Jazz Festival in 2015 as a solo performer and asked if I would join the group. I said yes and the rest is history!

You’ve performed extensively and with lots of talented local artists. What have been some of your favourite shows? 

Sabian: We really enjoyed the Shisa Nyama Festival at Moses Mabhida fields last year as well as the White Mountain Festival in the Drakensberg. Those gigs were a lot of fun! 

What is your message to young South African’s?

Saiyan: Learn how to play an instrument, it is the best thing to do. Work hard, practice and remember that school is still the most important!

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