Chatting To Michael Lowman

We recently caught up Michael Lowman on the release of his brand new album, ‘PopRadio’.


Congrats on the upcoming release of your new album! You’ve had great success with the two singles off the album, what else can fans expect from it?

Thank you! I’ve been in an incredibly curious frame of mind, musically, for a while now. I think that’s why I decided to collaborate on this new record. I love the idea of sharing in a common ground. For me it was an exercise in learning to not be so protective of the music I write. I wanted to approach music a little differently than I had previously. Having other artists feature on my album was one way in which I could make that change. I’m really happy with the outcome and I’m certain it wont be the last time I collaborate or write music for others.

We love the diversity of the two artists you colab-ed with (Karlien van Jaarsveld and Khuli Chana) – what do you love about doing colabs, and is there anyone else you’d absolutely love to do one with?

I’d absolutely LOVE to collaborate with Jack Garratt! The guy is on another level. I want to reach that level. I’m going to reach that level!


It’s been a while since your last album. How do you decide when to release new music, and when to wait?

My first album was on a major label, so my hands were pretty much tied in the decision making department. I chose to leave that record label just over a year and a half ago, so that obviously played a massive role in my decision on when to release more music. Trust me, PopRadio is the beginning of SO MUCH music. I cannot wait to get back in the game!

You’ve had vast experience of the music industry in various locations and countries around the world. What are thoughts on the local music industry right now?

Local is strong at the moment. The musicians are on top of their game, instrumentation wise. The live shows are closer to that ‘International’ level than ever before and I really do believe that production is making a move in the right direction. I produced this album myself, with a friend of mine, Howie Combrink, and for me this was my first ever attempt at playing the producer role. The only way to get better is to get involved. We’re in a good place.

Where can fans catch you live in the next few months?

You guys can get me on all the SMs incl: Facebook, TwitterInstagram & YouTube where I’ll be keeping you all up to date on shows and events. I’m also on the verge of launching my own Podcast covering music and gaming – you know it!

Pictures by Glen Montgomery
Styled by Daisy May for ‘RealLifeStyled’

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