Chatting To Mix N Blend Ahead Of Let’s Swing It

We caught up with Mix N Blend ahead of their performance at Let’s Swing It this weekend.


Picture: Mik Motala Photography

You guys have been getting people dancing like no one’s watching for years now. What have been some of your highlights over your career?

Hehe, well it’s all been pretty fun along the way. I think getting to go to places like Sakifo in Reunion Island with our band a bunch of times, and just making so many good friends over there.

That’s the cool thing about making music, whether its a gig in Kenya, Oppikoppi, Rocking the Daisies or a small bar gig, you will run into people who love music as much as you do, and you

will make friends. And that I think for us is what this is all about. Meeting people, going places, and getting to do what we love.

You’ve played at pretty much every major SA festival – do you have a favourite?

I think in festival terms in South Africa, that’s a difficult one. They all offer such different but awesome experiences. Some wild and dusty and out of control in a good way like Oppikoppi, some

big and varied and really well run like Rocking the Daisies, some like Bushfire (which yes, it’s in Swaziland) which are just a one of a kind experience, where you’ll see some stuff you wouldn’t at other big outdoor events.

I think though, that, CTEMF and Cape Town World Music Festival have get special mentions just because of the incredible passion that the people behind those events put into them, and the lineups.

Having said that, I think to run a festival in SA or anywhere you have to have passion and be slightly crazy, so massive respect given to all the people putting events like the above mentioned together.

What can fans expect from your set at Lets Swing It in April?

Oh you know what we like to play. A bit of old a bit of new, something borrowed, maybe something blue etc. etc. It’ll be fun we hope, varied, will include some of our own stuff, and we’ll all hopefully have a good time.

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