Chatting To Pop Art Ahead Of Park Acoustics This Weekend

The next Park Acoustics takes place this Sunday. One of the acts at this months event is Pop Art. We caught up with here:


For those who don’t yet know who Pop Art is, tell us a bit about yourselves. 

Pop Art is an electronic band based in Gauteng. Not sure whether we’re from Pretoria or Joburg. Caught in between.

What can people expect from your live performances?

Don’t expect anything from our shows. 

But if you had to guess it’ll be positive vibes, peace, love and connection. It’s all you is and the music. 

We’re trying to fit the history of dance music in an hour show. It’s a task but we’re up for it.

The electronic scene seems to picking up speed rapidly in SA. What do you think of the local scene?

In March we racked up half a million plays on one song with Kyle Watson. That happened in only two weeks after release. We think the scene is as strong as ever. 

Artists need to get out of their moulds to find something new. It’s here and it’s beating to the pulse of these two cities. 

Embracing this is the most important expression we can give to the country right now.

We’re trying to break the mold and give party-goers something to look forward to again. 

The scene is our canvas, music is our pallet and passion is the flint that lights the flame. 


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