Chatting To Sutherland Ahead Of Mieliepop Festival

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Sutherland is one of the most exciting bands on the Mieliepop Festival lineup this year! We caught up with the boys about the industry, the festival and band crushes.

You guys have been around for a few years now… what has your experience of the local industry been?

Through the couple of years we’ve been doing this Sutherland thing, we’ve seen that the music industry in SA is pretty small but surprisingly efficient. We do see it growing progressively and there are loads of niche areas that seem to be opening up. All in all It’s been pretty great to us so far.


What have been some of the highlights so far?

We’d have to say that the highlights we’ve experienced with Sutherland have to be our Cape Town tour, Playing some of the bigger festivals (Particularly OppiKoppi) and releasing our début EP last year. Being able to go into studio and make music for our fans, the excitement of getting it to their ears and being able to do it all again is the greatest feeling. That feeling comes with many of the shows we play too! 

What can fans expect from your set at Mieliepop this year?

You can expect a super vibey set with a bunch of catchy, dancing numbers.

If Sutherland were to have a crush on another SA band, who would it be?

Between the three of us, our SA band crushes are Lunatic Wolf, Beatenberg and Al Baire! There are just too many great bands in this country to have one crush though… Our SA band girlfriend wouldn’t be too happy with us.

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