Chatting To We Are Charlie Plus Win Tickets To Halloween At Arcade Empire


Arcade Empire is pulling out all the stops this year for Halloween with an epic show in Pretoria (31 Oct).

The Pretoria show ( is at Arcade Empire and will feature 4 stages and 5 bars!

You could win tickets to this epic Halloween show! To win simple send your name, email address, contact number to 

We caught up with one of the features bands, We Are Charlie to find out more:


Tell us more about We Are Charlie – how would you describe your sound?

So it’s basically a surfy indie rock sound with a bunch of basic influences from desert stoner rock to upbeat disco pop. It sounds a little like puppies taking a run around the garden to the garbage man giving you a friendly hello in the morning. It’s just drums, bass, one guitar and shaky vocals so it’s easy to follow. 

Your band is relatively new in the local scene. What are your thoughts on the local music industry?

We’re very proud with what it’s become. It’s developed a lot in terms of our production value and the turn outs to live shows but there are a few bands that have called it quits that we wish just stuck in there for a while longer. One example being Eyes Like Mirrors but other than that the local scene is a hoot. I’m sure most people will agree that the South African music scene has some special things going on.

What can fans expect from your set at the Arcade Halloween shows this year?

Awkward dancing, silly costumes and loud noises that hopefully make their ear drums happy. We’ve been working on some new songs and we reckon the new material will cause a few hip sways and foot taps. We’re still young guys so we don’t really think about what we do much. So hopefully that’ll cause a shameless night of dancing and drinking, which we all know causes smiling and laughing.

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