Chris Luther Chats To Us About Idols Top 2

Our Idols Correspondent Chris Luther

Chris Luther

As another season of SA Idols comes to a close, with the live finale taking place this Tuesday night, we chat to our Idols correspondent Chris Luther about his thoughts on what could happen.

So Brenden and Musa are our Top 2 this year. Did you expect this? 

I did. However I think that both of them had to work to get into this finale. We had a really strong top 5, that mixed with the public switching favourites more than ever before made it extremely tough to make it to the final this year. Normally South Africa sticks to 1 person and they win from week 1. Deciphering comments from Proverb indicates we might have had 3 different people leading over the past 3 weeks. Definitely a first for South Africa!

These are definitely the right top 2, with Musa being extremely consistent throughout the entire season and Brenden having special moments in the final stages of the season leaving both with a very good chance at taking this.

What has been your biggest shock this season?

One of this season's favorites, Bunny

One of this season’s favorites, Bunny

That would have to be Bunny’s elimination. Yes, she was in the bottom 3 for a few weeks but on the night she was arguably the best of the night. Shows that by then the other contestants had built up strong fan bases already.

Also interesting how the top 5 girls were so strong (the public hoped to have maybe 7 girls in the top 10 instead of the 5/5 split) however in the top 3 there was no girl to be found.

Lastly the biggest (good) shock I have had this season was the amazing performers we have found in Sonke and Zoe. Both are the best performers the show has seen and have the potential to be as successful as L’loyd Cele who currently has a song at #4 on 94.7 Highveld Stereo (3 years after the show has ended). This leaves me feeling that with the right material, Sonke and Zoe could be enthralling audiences at shows for years to come.

The final show is always spectacular! What are you hoping to see at the final show this year?

I would love to see collaborations with local artists and the contestants. This year guest artists include Parlotones and Mi Casa so the collaboration potential could be fun to watch.

And of course, we’ve got to ask: your prediction?


Top 2 Musa & Brenden

Well at the beginning of the season I thought Brenden had it in the bag. The one two punch of “Best you’ve ever had” and “Stay” almost made it impossible to think anyone else could compete.

But then along came Musa, with his quiet confidence, singing extremely well but not too much of a showman. Through this competition, Musa has grown into a performer showing that he can do both ballads and uptempos with the “Musa ease” that the public has grown to love.

In the end I think that it will come down to the special moments throughout the season. “All of me” which Brenden performed was by far the moment of the season. That song and combined with the explosive start he has is the reason why I feel Brenden will be the Idols winner for 2013.

That being said, both contestants are extremely different, have very big fan bases  and tap into different tastes in South Africa so it might come down to who connects most with the public while performing their “winning song”.

So will it be the pop/rnb singer with crossover appeal or the contestant who has, more than any other contestant before him (except for maybe Sonke), connected strongly in their African culture without being “fake”. We will just have to wait and find out. So watch with us on Tuesday to find out for whom the confetti will fall closing, what I think has been the most successful season yet.

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