Dominic Neill Launches Music Video For ‘Out Of My League’

This week saw the release of DOMINIC NEILL’s first music video for his single, OUT OF MY LEAGUE. The single also featured A’RESE, winner of The Voice Nigeria 2016, and is the title track from DOMINIC’s debut album.

‘I had this desire to tell the story about self doubt when it comes to approaching people, courting love and just getting through life. It’s also about realizing that self doubt is part of being a human being and while you’re doubting yourself other people are experiencing the same doubt and that’s okay.’

With DOMINIC’s signature vocals combined with his honest, vulnerable and relatable approach when writing lyrics, the single was a perfect fit for A’RESE. With her warm stage presence and extraordinary vocal ability, she fully embraced the story DOMINIC was trying to tell with the song.

The video for OUT OF MY LEAGUE was shot in one day in August 2017 at the Protea Fire & Ice Hotel in Menlyn, by the team at GVR.

‘I wanted to try and portray the feelings I have about this song and in the song. In addition A’rese is a very well known actress in Nigeria and I really wanted to tap into that talent as well. The guys at GVR took that into consideration and developed the idea of a hotel setting and two travelers in that space trying to reach out to each other, but never quite getting it right.’

‘Before watching the video, think back to the last time you wanted something and the world and fate just won’t give it to you. If even for a moment, you can FEEL that again watching the video, then we’ve won.’

DOMINIC NEILL’s debut album, OUT OF MY LEAGUE, is available on iTunes.

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