Event Review: Park Acoustics

Sebastian Ammon hung out at the first Park Acoustics for 2016. Here’s what he had to say.

944047_938377092898390_5549104368488912233_n-1Last Sunday Park Acoustics had their first event for the year and with a lineup which included Matthew Mole, Monark, Josh Kempen, Mind Pool, Maddy Behrens and Park Acoustics’ resident DJ Michael Lesar, there was no reason for anyone not to attend.

The first two acts on stage were Maddy Behrens and the experimental musical quartet from Cape Town, Mind Pool. Unfortuantely I was unable to watch them as I had to deal with a self-induced issue down at the entrance: deleting a ticket from your email account. Fortunately, the friendly people from the ticketing agency ‘Plankton’, were extremely competent in rectifying and assisting me in the situation and should therefore be applauded. After rectifying the situation, next up was Johannesburg singer-songwriter Josh Kempen, who, according to the some of the feedback I got, impressed those who had never heard him before with his catchy and upbeat songs. Following him was Monark. There were mixed feelings about their performance, but I must admit, I was a little disappointed. In comparison to other shows, they weren’t as energetic as they usually are. It is possible that this was due to the smaller crowd and the more intimate setting, which in fact was perfect for the next act, Matthew Mole. What was great about his performance was that he changed his backtrack for his well-known hits, which gave them a new feeling, thus making his performance, even having watched him many-a-time, refreshing. Taking the crowd home on the main stage was DJ Michael Lesa. His set was mainly electro-swing focused, but it was still great to dance to. By this time, many had relocated to the comedy stage featuring Dusty Rich, Loyiso Madinga and Lazola Gola. Of course every comedian had their unique style and were absolutely hilarious in their own way, but looking at the crowd’s response, most enjoyed Dusty Rich the most.

All-in-all Park Acoustics was a great success with a fantastic line-up and humorous comedy. It will be exciting to have the Cabin Fever stage back for the next Park Acoustics, which is to be held on the last weekend of next month at the Voortrekker Monument.


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