Gad De Combes On Adventure Man, The Music Scene & Hypothetical Beer Pong With Matthew Mole

Adventure Man have just released a brand new album, ‘Dog Daze’. We chatted to frontman, Gad De Combes to find out more. 

Rebecca Taylor

Congrats on the release of your single, and the release of your new album! What can fans expect from this album?

Thanks! The rest of the songs are just as kooky as Let’s Stay Home. I made a conscious effort to get every track to sound different and interesting. 

How has your sound evolved over the years since your days of King Dinosaur? 

You guys did your research, I’m impressed! Back then I used to beat box, and play with a loop station. I had some crazy shows, but I have a band now though. When I play solo now I play with no looping or backing tracks at all.

With all your experience in the music industry, also playing in Shortstraw, what are your thoughts on the SA music scene?

We’re in a great age. We have two great venues (Rumours and The Good Luck Bar) and recently bands like Go Barefoot are following in Desmond and the Tutus footsteps and finding new cool venues to host gigs in. 

If you, Alistair Thomas, Craig Durrant and Matthew Mole competed against each other in a game of beer pong, what would the outcome be?

I would be passed out within 15 minutes. I hope Mole doesn’t koki anything on my face.

Buy DOG DAZE here on iTunes!


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