Gangs Of Ballet And Jack Parow Colab For New Single

After announcing last week that their new upcoming EP will be their last, GANGS OF BALLET have released a brand new single entitled BLACK AND WHITE, ft. JACK PAROW. The song is the first single from their new EP, FORM & FUNCTION PART 3, set for release end June 2018.

Gangs Of Ballet & Jack Parrow - Black And White - Single Cover

With BLACK AND WHITE being the band’s first ever official collaboration, they wanted to work with someone outside of their genre. The band has been friends with PAROW for a long time, so the decision to work with him was the realisation of a longtime dream.

“I’ve always said that people only ever really get hurt in that little space between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. As soon as someone knows where they stand, whether its good or bad news, the game changes and they can dive in or have closure. BLACK AND WHITE is a bit about finding clarity.” – Brad Klynsmith.

The single was written in the middle of 2017 and with it being a collaboration with a rapper, it pushed the band to think differently about songwriting. “We had a beat and a chorus and sent it to Parow to see what he thought and he connected with it straight away. He later came to the studio and wrote his parts. He was a total pro in that space, took him less than 45 minutes to write his parts and almost ‘one take wondered’ them when he recorded. He’s a genuine talent!” says Brad Klynsmith.

BLACK AND WHITE features a bottom end melodic, Hip Hop groove and is an Afrikaans / English lyrical assassination in the form of JACK PAROW with open GANGS OF BALLET vocals and sonics, inbetween a few sneaky drum bars. With distinctive, energetic PAROW rap parts combined with signature GANGS OF BALLET choruses, the song still is a certain departure of the band’s previous work and they are excited to put something fresh out there!

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