Grietfest 2015: Chatting To DJ Maramza

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Grietfest is a counter cultural electronic dance festival that takes place in the industrial container yards on the border of the Johannesburg CBD. The festival is a playful space for people who want to breathe in the energy of the underground and to come and see international artists that would most likely never be brought to South Africa to perform to audiences. Grietfest is known for platforming both foreign and local new talent that are tomorrow’s A-listers and promoting a positive energy among party goers who share a unifying passion for varied style of sub genre dance music.

Grietfest 2015 takes place on Saturday 29 August at The Container Yard, 1 Impel Avenue, New Doornfontein, Johannesburg. Tickets are between R180 – R450 available at 


We recently chatted to one of the artists on this years lineup, DJ Maramza:

For SA music fans who haven’t yet heard DJ Marimba, tell us a bit about yourself.

I make kwaai music, a Mswekonstein monster mash of bass, hip-hop, house and gqom. I play this music as well. You can hear a gang of tracks, remixes, bootlegs and dj mixes on my Soundcloud –

You’ve worked with many of South Africa’s best artists – who have been your favourite?

Of artists who I have collabed with, Moonchild is the best – shes got such a lovely, sexy, spiritual vibe and we’ve made some great music and performed some great shows such as Oppikoppi last year.

What do you think the state of the local music industry is at the moment?

I don’t know about the music industry, it seems all really messed up. But that’s the world right now, a major revolution is coming, an apocalypse hopefully. But there is a lot of brilliant local music for sure! Like Durban gqom: these kids are breaking all the rules and they don’t give a fuck – its more punk than punk rock and more techno than doef doef club music.

What can fans expect from your set at Grietfest this year?

It will be a mostly tough house set – jacking, bassy, lots of 4/4s, gqom vocal snatches – like an hour long extension of the track I did with Moonchild, Cut The Cake.

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