Idols Shock Elimination – Down To Seven

Chris Luther with Vincent Bones

Chris Luther with Vincent Bones

Our Idols correspondent Chris Luther was again at Pretoria State Theatre on Sunday for the live broadcast of SA Idols. Here are his impressions on the current state of play:

And then there were 7. A show which started with one of the biggest Idol shock eliminations in recent history with Tumi receiving the lowest number of votes and leaving the show after her electric version of ‘Turn The Beat Around’ failed to get her enough votes.

Another shocker was seeing Lize in the bottom 2 with her performance by Boys 2 Men’s ‘I’ll Make Love To You’ being universally praised by both judges as well as social media.

I think what these results show us is that consistency and momentum is what the public is voting on (particularly this season with such a strong group of contestants).

Recap of the “Stripped” theme”

Top 4 of the night:

1)      Lize has woken up the over the last two weeks from being a dated “reality contestant” to a modern exciting artist. Seeing the fire in her eyes while singing Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’ shows she is back and dare I say it “in it to win it”.

2)      Vincent Bones has chosen a song (James Arthur’s ‘Impossible’) which is different to the throw back RnB style he has been singing on the show and this gamble paid off hugely. If Vincent continues to show he can master different styles (hopefully showing softer tones as well) he will be hard to beat.

Lize Mynhardt

3)      Kyle took a song (Drake’s ‘Just Hold On I’m Going Home”) which is so loved by the public and twisted it to fit his style and vibe. The crowd really enjoyed it and I have not seen Kyle this engaged with the public in a long time. Good to have you back!

4)      Musa singing local artist Matthew Mole’s ‘Take Yours And I’ll Take Mine’ was extremely refreshing. Showing he can tackle many different styles and still bring Musa to the performance. The scatting towards the end was absolutely phenomenal and at this point (even though the audience were not too aware of the song) they had to applause after this great performance.

Bottom 3 of the night:

1)      London performed quite a boring song for a singing competition. That being said, the reggae feel and seeing London “perform” again was really great. I just think that the song was too flat for this stage of the competition and that might cost him

2)      Bongi. This placing frustrates me more than anything. Bongi sang extremely well (one of her best vocal performances) but somehow, with the arrangement, if just felt dated. Bongi will need to find songs where she sounds amazing but also where she connects with the public. Maybe the public are embracing more recent song choices more this year?

Bongi Silinda

3)      Demi Lee performed a beautiful rendition of ‘Human’ by Christina Perri. However she got excited with the positive crowd reaction she received (which was hugely deserved) and smiled throughout the performance. Unfortunately this took the viewer away from the raw element of the song which made the phenomenal performance only very good. Hopefully her wonderful vocal can pull her through.

But will the votes reflect the performances? Tune in on Sunday to find out who will be singing in the phenomenal Show Stoppers theme with Idols 2010’s runner up  L’loyd Cele opening the show.

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