Introducing Hezron Chetty

Hezron Chetty is a Cape Town based South African violinist who has travelled the world with his music. We caught up with him on the release of his debut album.


Congrats on the release of your debut album. What can people expect from ‘The Fallacy Of Composition’?

Thank you. People can expect something beautiful and fresh straight out of South Africa! The album has some magical moments and the listener just needs to close their eyes and get taken on a journey.

Having travelled the world pursuing your dream, what do you think makes the SA music industry unique?

Each and every South African musician has that African rhythm in their bones. It is something that roots us to our country and our unique sound. Our industry is a mix of races,languages and genres and I think that our uniquness is only just opening the world up to our sound with the advent of the internet.

Tell us a bit of your story – how did you get to focus on becoming an instrumentalist? 

I focused on what I felt was right. I am not a singer and I realised that my voice is the violin. I channeled many years of practice and discipline to create my specific sound. It was tough at first as I had many people telling me that I would not make it; but at the same time I had many people telling me that I had gold. I learned that the best solution is to just keep moving forward and believing in what I do.

I played with many bands and it was truly great working with all of them, but at times I felt that a lot of the musicians could not keep up with me or would become jealous of my ability. Often I found that vocal songwriters were greedy when it came to sharing rights in a song, or they couldn’t  sing a song I wrote because it was ‘too difficult for them’. I realised that I would be wasting my time if I argued with them so I set out to have my own band and write my own album.

Can fans catch you live anytime soon?

I will be performing at Blah Blah Bar in Cape Town on 2 April, The Edge of Wrong festival in Johannesburg on 15 April and Bass Line in Johannesburg 16 April, Alma Cafe on 29 April and The Grahamstown National Arts Festival. I have loads more gigs and tours coming up the best is to follow me on Twitter: @hezronc Facebook: hezronviolin Instagram :hezronchetty or to follow my upcoming shows.


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