Josh Wantie & Wax Beach Drop Music Video For ‘One More Night’

The collaboration between Josh Wantie and Wax Beach delivered a chart-topping radio single with ‘One More Night’. Both acts are excited to now reveal the music video behind the hit.

The music video for ‘One More Night’ was created by Wantie’s long-time friends, Steve Thistle (filming) and Tyler Walker (Director), in different spots in and around Cape town. The team wanted to capture the nightlife aesthetic to have the mood and lighting match the feel of the song. The story follows Josh Wantie and Andrea Katzeff as they attempt to spend ‘one last night’ to mend their broken relationship. The storyline of the video follows closely with the lyrical content of the song and most of the shots were filmed at places both Josh and Andrea visit to try and create a sense of familiarity. While few know what they look like in person, the Wax Beach duo can be seen making some cameo appearances throughout the video, to allow for some debate and ambiguity that fits perfectly with their generally low public profile.


“I’m super happy with how this video came out and can’t wait till we get to show people who have been enjoying the song,” comments, Josh Wantie“Steve and Tyler planned every little detail and all I had to do was rock up and act. Andrea and I have been good friends since I moved to Cape Town and I always thought she would look great on camera, so we decided to try a faux relationship out on screen despite having never been romantically involved. It’s kinda strange at first but we wanted to have a sense of discomfort or unfamiliarity with each other, in that the story is supposed to follow lovers that are now slightly estranged and have to get to know each other again over the night. Really looking forward to showing this to the world, great job all round.”

The Wax Beach duo are just as excited about the release of the video. “Providing a slick looking 80s inspired aesthetic accompaniment to our track, we think the music video turned out amazing! Well done and thank you to Steve and Tyler from Ouchea Productions, Andrea, Josh and everybody else who worked so hard on this project and to create something we can all be proud of.”

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