Life After Idols – Interview With Karabo Mogane

2015 saw Nelspruit’s Karabo Mogane burst into the spotlight as winner of South African Idols Season 11 winner. We recently caught up with Karabo to see what he’s been up to sine then.


First of all, congrats on winning SA Idols last year! What was the Idols experience like?

Absolutely mind blowing! I learnt so much from it terms of what goes on behind making a super star. And that hard work pays off.

Who was your favourite judge? What do you think of the recent Gareth Cliff saga?

Gareth Cliff was my favourite judge, he was as cool as ice. I really don’t have anything to say about it.

What has happened since you won? Do you go straight from the competition into recording an album?

I did go straight into recording and the album is already available at all Musica outlets, nation wide.

Locally, Idols still draws staggering viewerships, and incredibly high voting numbers! Is there a process in place to help guide someone like you through such rapid success?

No theres no process I think one just has remain true to who they are and remember that they are rendering a service to people as same a s a doctor would to a patient.

What would your advice be to someone entering the next season of Idols?

“Remain hungry and you’ll never go hungry.” If this is your dream take responsibility for it don’t blame others for it failing.

What can fans expect from you in 2016?

Music videos, a tour around the country, and an international tour in the Southern African countries plus possible colabs with a couple of artists.

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