Live Jazz Billboard Gives New Meaning To Traffic ‘Jam’


Johannesburgers just got a reason to drive home IN rush hour traffic. That reason is jazz, and it’s coming to you live from a billboard.

On Tuesday 1 September motorists will be treated to a live jazz performance on a billboard, corner of William Nicol and Republic roads in Sandton for two hours from 5pm to 7pm.

If you’re driving past in your car, you’ll get to see a jazz performance from the comfort of your seat. As you get closer to the jazz billboard, you will be directed to tune into a specially opened frequency – 100.0Mhz – Once tuned in you’ll be greeted with the sweet melodies of jazz from the live performance of the jazz band on the billboard. You’ll be able to see the performance and hear it.

The two-hour live gig features some of the best young jazz musicians in South Africa who make up the 2016 Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band and will be conducted by celebrated bass guitarist Concord Nkabinde.

If you don’t happen to live in Johannesburg or drive that route you will be able to watch a live stream of the performance at or A live audio stream will also be available on the 702 app. This is the very first live stream performance of a band on a billboard in South Africa.

‘At 702, we are excited to be partnering on such an innovative campaign,’ said Primedia Broadcasting sponsorship and promotions manager, Jadi Tillim. ‘We hope that the live stream element allows the band on the billboard to reach significant audiences beyond those who are driving past.’

The 8-piece band was selected from hundreds of jazz musicians from around the country at this year’s Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Festival in Grahamstown. Previous alumni of the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band include internationally acclaimed drummer Kesivan Naidoo, and Matthew Field from Beatenberg amongst others.

The live jazz billboard marks the start of the countdown to the country’s premier jazz event – the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz which features more than 20 artists from across the world and takes place over 3 days in Sandton from 24-26 September.

Commenting on the first living jazz billboard Jenny Pheiffer, Head of Group Sponsorships at Standard Bank said, ‘The billboard reinforces our campaign idea ‘The closer you are, the more you feel’ which drives the fact that music is better when experienced live. The live billboard is a creative way of bringing live music to unexpected places.’

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