Man As Machine: Nothing But A Thing

Band: Man As Machine

Album: Nothing But A Thing

Reviewed by: Gallius Millet

Rating: 3/5

On first listen this album seems to jump around a lot; there’s a gentle piano introduction, some hard rock riffing, punk-ish rock (Taken for a Ride), a funky bass guitar (Burnout) and some tasty blues playing (Blow Your Cover.)

What holds it all together is Rob Visser’s powerful and unique vocals. Almost immediately I was reminded of Chris Cornell but he definitely has his own unique style, and that nagging suspicion I was listening to a lost Soundgarden album soon faded.

The band is tight and although they never show off, you can hear this band could tear almost any other local band apart in musical ability. There’s a nice solo in Burnout and the guitar runs in Closing In are great, just enough to let you know they’re some seriously talented musicians without having to resort to endless solos and unnecessary musicality.

The album is maybe a little too heavy for a general radio-listening audience, but a song like We are the Dreamers could definitely appeal to anyone who likes bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Audioslave, Wolfmother or even Foo Fighters, and will serve as a good introduction to the band.

This is the first full album, as far as I can gather, and it’s a solid debut. The songs are good, the music is great and the album artwork is simple and effective with all the lyrics printed inside, which is helpful because the lyrics are a little obscure and hard to hear clearly sometimes.

After a few listens I still find the album a little unfocussed as a whole. All the songs are great but the actual style seems to jump around too much for me, but they are still a young band and over the next few years and albums I am certain they will find their style becoming a little more focussed.

The band formed in December 2008 which makes them four years old, if they can stick together and keep it going I’m sure in another few years we’ll be seeing big things from this band.

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