Meeting TARA


TARA is an exciting new up-and-coming South African artist based in Dubai. We caught up with her on the release of her single, ‘Deeper’.

Congrats on the release of your first single to SA radio. How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard you yet?

Thanks so much! I would say that the genre of this single would fall under electronic pop with some dance vibes. My music is very much spiritually influenced and I guess that comes through quite strongly in some of my lyrics. Perhaps some songs can be melancholy at times but I would still say its easy listening and fun tunes. The songs I’m working on with my producer Peach Van Pletzen are all different and unique in their own way, its kind-of hard to describe them in one collective go, you’ll have to listen to find out once they come out!

When can we expect an album to be released?

I’m hoping to release the album by February 2016. We have decided to make a full album so we still have some work ahead of us. I have some great songs planned for the album and I look forward to the next couple of months in the studio.

You are a South African living in Dubai. What is the music scene in Dubai like?

The music scene in Dubai is very different to what we have in SA. Its very much a city were arts and culture is still being developed and I would say now more than ever, bands are starting to emerge with their own sounds and the demand for it is increasing. There are huge concerts with international artists that perform frequently and some local artists/bands would open for them. The growing number of venues in Dubai where live acts can perform provides a great base for artists to showcase their work. Building a fan base is tricky with the large turnover of expats but it still happens and being online certainly helps to get you known in the community. 

Can local fans expect to see you live any time soon?

Definitely, once the album is launched I plan to come to SA to perform. Hopefully SA loves the music!

What will you be working in the new year?

I will start working on the next album after I have released the first and perhaps I will drop a single or two during that time!

Get TARA’s single here!


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