Oops… Nasty C’s Video’s Disqualified from SAMA 23

We love the South African Music Awards for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is the drama that inevitably pops up. And here is the first awkward moment for this year…


The RiSA/SAMA office received a number of enquiries about the qualification of Nasty C’s music videos i.e. Good Girls and Don’t Do It in the category Best Music Video as announced at the SAMA 23 Nominees event on 20 April 2017.

Their investigations have revealed that the videos were submitted for entry on 24 January 2017. It was then determined that the videos were not flighted before the closing date of the entries of 31 January 2017 as required by the SAMA rules.

SAMA says that they have always trusted that all music videos submitted for this category have already been flighted by broadcasters during the specified entry period of the SAMAs entries. This case has proven SAMA wrong and they say that they accept full responsibility for our oversight to further verify whether the music videos submitted for this category were in fact flighted during the relevant SAMAs entry period.

In light of this, the two music videos are automatically disqualified because they do not meet the criteria for Best Music Video Category. Replacement nominees will be announced soon.

This means that Nasty C’s tally of nominations goes down to five, making fellow rapper Kwesta the most nominated artist of SAMA 23 with his six nods.

We can’t wait to see what unfold next!

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