Review: Blood Brothers Johannesburg

Simon and Sebastian were at the first of two Blood Brothers show (Cape Town, your turn is coming). Sebastian Ammon reviews the show:


On the 18 July 2015 ten of the best South African artists [Arno Carstens (Springbok Nude Girls), George van der Spuy (Taxi Violence/Goodnight Wembley), Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar/Van Coke Kartel), Albert Frost (Blues Broers), Kobus de Kock Jnr (Black Cat Bones), Hunter Kennedy (Fokofpolisiekar/Heuwels Fantasties), Rian Zietsman (Taxi Violence/Beast), Loedi van Renen (Taxi Violence), Jason Hinch (ex-Black Cat Bones) and Isaac Klawansky (Shadowclub)] came together on one stage, in the fight against cancer (in association with the Vrede Foundation), to perform an epic three hour show. These heroes call themselves the Blood Brothers.

The show was opened by the talented MC Catherine Grenfell – a fantastic choice for the job. But that was just the start… The energy on stage was great throughout the entire show – the guys really knew how to get the crowd going. I must say though, standing for three hours non-stop definitely took its toll on me.


What I really enjoyed about Blood Brothers in comparison to simply watching each of these bands at their own show, was that because they are so different, each Blood Brother brought along his unique flare. Their various styles coupled with a great variety of music, gave some songs a new feel for me. Needless to say, one of my favourite songs was Arno Carsten’s cover of Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’ – flip it was rad!

Obviously it goes without saying that each one of these musicians are immensely talented and that it was absolutely fantastic to watch some of the best guys in the local music industry do what they love most, together. You see, you just can’t help but Love SA Music (Ah, do you see what I did there?).

All in all, it was a brilliant show for an important cause, and I would thrilled to see more of these concerts, possibly even with different artists in the near future!

Tickets for the Cape Town show are available here


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