Review: Park Acoustics November 2016

Sebastian Ammon hung out at the November edition of Park Acoustics. Here’s what he had to say.


The end of November saw the last Park Acosutics event for 2016 and it was a banger. The line-up was killer, the vibe was energetic and people (two in particular) could not help but spread the love!

I mean who would miss Majozi, Wonderboom, Desmond & the Tutus, Mango Groove, PopArtLive, Grimehouse and PHFat willingly? Although I arrived just after Majozi’s performance (which I was sad about), I was greeted with a happy crowd of semi-drunk people ready to make the best of the day despite the blazing sun – it was going to be amazing! I was blown away by Wonderboom’s performance and definitely found a new appreciation for their music. Their energy on stage was great and their song selection even better. Especially when they played their hit ‘Smile Pantsula’ – the crowd went crazy. Desmond & the Tutus were nothing special if you’ve seen them thousands of times but they were great nonetheless! I guess what really spiced the performance up was when a guy proposed to his lady on stage – she was quite ecstatic. Mango Groove on the other hand were something special! Their performance was phenomenal and when they played their famous hit ‘Special Star’, I did not see a single person sitting. In fact, even the big buff gym bunnies found their inner Africaness!

Skipping a few hours ahead, it started raining at a rate which had me believing that someone performed a rain-dance during Mango Groove’s set. Nonethless, the energy did not die and people were even more ready to get the show started at the electro stage. Grimehouse blew me away. I really enjoyed his set and will certainly make sure to see him again at the next event. I’m not sure if I was still in awe from the previous set or if there was just a lack of energy, but I wasn’t really taken by PHFat’s set. Nonetheless, the crowd seemed to enjoy and jump to him.

As a last Park Acoustics event, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Actually, I’m super excited for the next one. The organisers may have set a new standard for me.

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