Review: Park Acoustics February

By Sebastian Ammon

Last month Park Acoustics together with Pringles hosted their second event of the year, which was sold out. I can barely remember the last time I was at a Park Acoustics, but with a line-up including Diamond Thug, Bye Beneco, Jeremy Loops and Chunda Munki, I knew I was in for a real treat.


When I arrived in the morning the queues to the busses, which would take us to the amphitheatre at the top of Fort Schanskop, were already well underway. With two busses running simultaneously, the wait was short-lived. We arrived at the top and made our way to find a comfortable spot.

I had just come to the end of the first act Red Robyn but already the amphitheatre was filled with people sitting on spread out picnic blankets all the way from the in front of the Pringles Main Stage up the surrounding steps – it was good to back.

Once I had found my friends, which was right in front of the speakers, I got my spot ready for the remainder of the day. On a side note, it was the first time that I decided to pack a picnic basket filled with some snacks and drinks (no glass of course) and I must say that I find it very commendable that this is still allowed after all these years. Nonetheless, if you’re not about that life, there is a bar together with some incredible vendors from which you can quench your thirst and hunger.


By the time I had settled down, Diamond Thug were ready to play. A smaller crowd gathered at the front of the stage to enjoy Chantel Van T’s airy vocals flowing over the roaring synth baselines.

The crowd had grown bigger by now and up next Bye Beneco put on an incredible performance. I had never taken the time before to appreciate their music, but after this show I will definitely listen to more of it.

Before the main act was to come on, Femi Koya certainly got the crowd moving with their African Jazz music. Their songs never really seemed to end, but seamlessly flow into the next. I had not seen or heard of them before but their set was rather entertaining. They sounded well rehearsed and in tune. I always find it astounding when a larger band can blend so well together.


Finally it was time for the main act to take the stage. We were running an hour late by the time Jeremy Loops come on – I wasn’t sure why but it didn’t seem to bother anyone else, so why should it get to me too? Jeremy Loops opened with “Sinner” from his 2014 album “Trading Change” – the crowd was immersed instantly. The set was a good mix of music from his “Trading Change” and new “Critical as Water” album, and included hits such as; “Down South”, “Freak” and “My Shoes”.

If that wasn’t enough, Chunda Munki would be your final hope to let loose. With deep house tracks he was sure to get you going on the dance floor. If however deep house wasn’t your thing, you could have enjoyed Schalk Bezuidenhout, King Nqoba and Farhan Eshat at the Sunset Comedy Stage with an incredible view of Pretoria.

It was a great day and an entertaining line-up. I was happy to be back at Park Acoustics and I look forward to others coming up. The next one is on 31 March and will feature the likes of The Capitals, Len Muller, Bad Peter (one of my favourites), Yannick Welde & Native Young, Spoegwolf and DSCO Cam.

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