SA Artist Spotlight: Los Tacos

Here’s a riddle: What happens when you take a group of incredibly close friends, throw in some mad music skill, sprinkle in a bombshell of brass, and coat generously with some Columbian spice?


The Answer: You get one of the most infectious and exciting sounds from the Cape-Town based 12 piece Afro-Latino fusion band; Los Tacos.

In SA Artist Spotlight‘s latest episode, Nick Darke speaks to Los Tacos to find out more about; their choice to release an EP rather than an album, the band’s (complicated) dynamics, the fact that they only sing in Spanish, and finally what they think of the current state of the local music industry – it’s an intense discussion that any local music fan would not want to miss!

Watch the interview and Los Tacos’s live performance (at the end) in SA Artist Spotlight’s latest episode below:

Sebastian Ammon

Twitter: @seb_ammon


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