The Just Jinjer Interview

Let’s be honest… it’s not possible to talk South African music without Just Jinger coming up. The legendary ‘All Comes Round’ debut album is deeply etched in thousands of local rock fans memories, and with over a quarter of a million albums sold to date, Just Jinger is nothing short of South African music royalty. With the upcoming release of their highly anticipated new album, we chatted to frontman Ard Matthews to find out what the band have been up to.


Congrats on your new single, and the upcoming release of your new album! After quite a long wait since your last album, what can fans expect from this one?

I think fans will enjoy hearing how much fun we had making this record. We believe there is enough variety on this record to cater for almost every taste as well. Nothing was intentional except to be true to how we felt at all times. 

Just Jinjer is pretty much rock royalty in SA music… how different is the scene now from when you were starting out?

I’m actually not too aware of exactly what’s going on with the local scene. We have always tended to keep to ourselves quite a bit so I could only assume at this stage. What I do know is that the quality of music has really improved. The sounds being produced today are truly world class. Unfortunately though, our record buying population is dwindling by the day so it’s still only the bands that really rock out live that are able to survive at this time.


What advice would you give to young artists just getting going in the industry today?

Hmmmm, always a tough one. It ranges from ‘Don’t do it!!’ to ‘get a good lawyer!’… But seriously, my advise is always, make sure you’re having fun. Just Jinjer is still a band today based on that very promise. We don’t have a contract between us yet we are governed by one simple question: ‘Are we still having fun’. As long as the answer remains yes then everything else that happens is a bonus!

If you had to pick one, what has the biggest highlight of the bands career been?

It’s really hard, there have been so many but I think having had the honour of playing at two of Madiba’s birthday’s alongside some of the worlds finest musicians would have to be right up there!

Can fans expect to see you live over the holidays this year?

They sure can, in fact we are going to be ALL over the coast starting in East London on 20 December and working down to Cape Town.

Please check all our dates and venues on our social pages. Remember to spell using only J’s ie. Just Jinjer @justjinjer


All pictures by Daniel Craig.

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