The Thursday Interview: Explosion

For this weeks Thursday Interview we caught up with Durban based rock band, EXPLOSION.

For SA music fans who haven’t heard of you yet, tell us a bit about who you are and how you got started. 

EXPLOSION is a no fuss, no frill, gun-slinging, good-time Rock ‘n’ Roll band. It basically started with four mates who happened to play instruments, getting together for a few drinks with their instruments. We began jamming Rock ‘n’ Roll tracks from our favourite bands, such as Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy or Deep Purple, and soon this led to the creation of enough original material for us to perform at a show. There’s no agenda or political message or anything of that sort with EXPLOSION. We’re here to play Rock ‘n’ Roll, because that’s what we love, and we’re here to just have a good time while doing that.

We hear your live shows are quite an experience. What can people expect at an EXPLOSION show?

We think that when you go out to watch a band, audiences should receive the full treatment. It’s about the whole performance, not just jamming a song, pausing and then starting another one. If you watch established international bands, their performances are something else, sometimes bordering on theatrical. The songs merge into one another, they depart on jam orientated medleys and solos and just really make the whole thing exciting. Obviously we’re usually playing smaller venues so we can’t really make our performances as “theatrical”, but we try as hard as we can to make the performance as stimulating and different as possible. There are no gimmicks or things like that, but just a sort of a constant flow of energy that keeps building in intensity until the show climaxes at the end. We’re all having a helluva time on stage and we just want people to feel that and groove! 

Durban is notorious for being a tough crowd. What’s it like working in the music industry in Durban? Are there good opportunities for bands there? How do you feel about the South African music industry in general? 

We hear this pretty often! It’s hard for us to compare Durban to anything else because we’ve only been out to Gauteng twice. We’ve had good responses from crowds in Gauteng but we’ve also had amazing shows in Durban. With that said there have also been some lacklustre shows in Durban. The support that you get tends to vary depending on what else is going on around town. The Durban crowds aren’t necessarily tough. The problem is getting them to come and watch the live bands. Once they’re there, they’re a party! The opening of Live The Venue has helped in getting more people to come along, as Live is bringing down big bands to Durban

frequently and this gives emerging Durban bands opportunities to perform in front of much larger crowds. At the moment there’s pretty much only 2 dedicated live music venues in Durban. If more venues were opened in different locations in Durban this would also help a bit.  As for the South African music industry in general, we’ve heard lots of people complain that there’s not much being done to help the upcoming local bands and so on and so forth. However, that seems to be the case all over really. It’s up to the bands to get up and show people what they can do and the best will eventually rise to the top, with or without friends in high places. 

Congrats on your debut single, Lover Boy! What’s it all about?

Thanks! Lover Boy is a Rock ‘n’ Roll love song. It’s about a guy that’s lusting after a girl. He wants this girl REAL bad. But the thing is this girl is sort of bad news. She’s like a gorgeous, high class, rich, bitchy, badass, man eater, and she doesn’t care whose heart she breaks. But the guy in the song is just rock ‘n’ roll and he accepts the challenge.  One night is all he needs to show her a good time.

When can fans expect a full album?

We’d like to do a lot more touring first. We’ve only been to Gauteng and of course KZN thus far, so we’d like to take our music all over the country and hopefully build a bit more of a name for ourselves. Once we’ve had enough of the touring then we’d like to go in to studio and do a full album. We’d estimate that this would be sometime later in 2014.

When can fans see you live next?

In the coming month or so we have a few shows around Durban and surrounding areas. Over the weekend of the 28 and 29 of June, we’re down the South Coast at the Rock Bottom Music Bistro and then in our hometown of Amanzimtoti for the after party of the King of the Ramps skate fest. After that we’re in Durban on the 2 of July at Cool Runnings with the Ard Matthews Affair and then we head up the North Coast on the 4 of July for a gig at Beach Bums. We’re back in central Durban on the 19 of July for a show at Live The Venue. There’s also a Cape Town tour being planned which will include shows in Bloemfontein and Stellenbosch.



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